Jan Andersen

Jan Andersen, that's me. I have been working with Classic ASP since 1999 and consider myself as a bit of a Saurian in the trade. I like to roar too. I rage hard and then I am at peace on fast forward. I am basically a tailor, an inventor and a bit of a nut I guess. I am highly educated even though I generally question everything, that catches my attention long enough for me to think about it, and find learning in any other way than by doing something no one else ever did before strange and weird. I am blunt, sophisticated and very focused mixed with stand-up comedy, irony, satire and then straight to the point again. Argh, I did it again. Sorry... It's just an expression. 

I also work with ASP.NET, both Visual Basic and C# for Web- and App development for iPhone and Android in C# and Xamarin. I have developed an award-winning solution and I only do amazing and outstanding state-of-the-arts work. I never produce something which is just barely okay, it's always way above and beyond and usually lasts longer than anything else except when I get an even greater idea. I am pretty sure that in a thousand years archaeologists and religious nutcases will wage wars about my work as proof of alien invasion, divine divinity or the 2nd.. erm, infinite comings of Christ. If only I could live forever to see it. I would be amused for a while and then I would trample the planet again. Anyway, erm... what's next?! Intro, done. Jokes, done. Blah-blah-blah, done, well, erm... between the lines. Moving on, go. 

I don't do standards or popular CMS work. Umbraco, WordPress, or whatever, not interested.

I am a very creative, innovative, structured and solutions-oriented Full Stack Developer with a great eye for both the finer detail and the whole infinite space of it and I've always got a lot of nice ideas up my sleeve that literally explode with greater insight. 

I hate.. erm, actually I think I kind of love the notion of repetitive work as long as it's not me doing it because I truly excel in making services that transform repetitive work into fast and userfriendly algorithms for the best of everyone, including you. 

If you are passionate about your work, highly motivated, involved and engaged and you've got an idea, a burning desire or massive work-pain in the arse that you would like really like to work out I can help - A LOT!! 

If I was alone on a deserted island I wish I had brought Spaceballs, Army of Darkness and a stack of Statham movies (especially the funny ones) and Nine-Nine with me. Even though I've seen them all before, good things never die and if they did I could probably build a raft or boat from it or perhaps I could use the discs to morse solar waves to my invisible spaceship above.